Risotto with Peas

Ingredients:  Arborio rice Peas (fresh or frozen) Leeks Parmesan cheese Lemon juice and zest White wine Butter Salt and pepper

Grate your own parmesan cheese for best flavor and texture. Pre-grated can dry out.

Wash leeks thoroughly, getting all the sandy soil rinsed out before slicing.

Soften the leeks in butter to release their aroma and sweetness.

Toast the rice in butter, then add white wine.

Simmering risotto with a parmesan rind adds flavor and umami!

Let the risotto rest for about 2 minutes, then add final ingredients off the heat. This technique is called mantecatura and results in ultimate creaminess.

Serve as a vegetarian main course or alongside roast chicken, grilled fish, or steak

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